The real story,
every time

An extended family of crème de la crème communicators, Real Agency Group is united in our aim to deliver engaging no-nonsense storytelling. Working across a variety of disciplines, we provide communication services in the most impeccable, engaging, change-making way imaginable. By understanding the impulses of the human mind, the peaks and pitfalls of technology, and the indispensable power of a skillful story, we face the dynamic challenges of brand communication armed with the truth, the know-how, and a tale to tell. The real one.


Coined a content agency before the media bane of buzzwords broke, Spoon has a knack for storytelling. Reaching audiences in the most compelling, authentic, and fluff-free format since 1998. [Stockholm. Gothenburg. Malmö. Helsinki. Oslo.]

Tight teams with a rapid pulse make things happen in real-time, with the customer on center stage. Oh My!’s own production-driven strategy challenges and delivers. [Stockholm. Piteå. Halmstad. Oslo.]

A set of self-declared digital scientists provide marketing automation at its finest. Infunnel dissects, clarifies, and transforms problems into stunning marketing solutions. [Stockholm. Malmö.]

Timing is paramount at Trickle, with quality conquering quantity in company communication. Distribution scientists deluxe, information overload is a thing of the past. [Stockholm.]

Fresh on the market, TDWT delivers PR and insights in the most problem-solving, data-driven manner imaginable. Changing minds and shifting behavior in a highly personalized, mold-breaking fashion. [Stockholm.]

Creative studio and journalist-level content agency in one, KIT produces top-of-the-line content that pierces through the competitive media noise. High-end native advertising based on data and insights means real results. [Stockholm.]

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